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12 days of FIS Nordic Ski World Championship in Oslo are over: 1.2 million people experienced the happening at the different event locations live, Millions more followed on TV all over the world , Norway was celebrating every sportive competition like a folk festival…

… and for Red Bull, even without being an official sponsor, this was very successful. Overall 9 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals went to Red Bull athletes, which makes us winning the country medal table in front of Norway (8/6/6) and Austria (7/2/1)!

Gold medals:

- 3 gold medals to Petter Northug (NOR) -> Cross-country: 30 km, relay, 50 km

- 3 gold medals to Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT) -> Ski jump: big hill, team big hill, team normal hill

- 3 gold medals to Thomas Morgenstern (AUT) -> Ski jump: normal hill, team big hill, team normal hill

- 1 gold medal to Alex Harvey (CAN) -> Cross-country: sprint

- 1 gold medal to Marcus Hellner (SWE) ->Cross-county: team sprint